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Chengdu saite waterproof material co., ltd. was founded in1995Years,Is a collection research and development、Production、Technology、Sales service one of the modern enterprise;Factory is located in pengzhou, sichuan province industrial development zone,Covers an area of36m,Factory building area is about19000㎡。Since the establishment of the company22Years,With China university of science and technology、Sichuan university and other universities established long-term scientific research cooperation,Set up“Saite waterproof comprehensive laboratory of science and technology”,Got many national patent certificate,Participated in the national standardGB50108《Underground waterproof engineering technical specification》、 GB23441-2009《Since the polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials》、GB/T23457-2009《Before paving/Wet waterproofing materials》AndGB/T23260-2009《With the glue layer of waterproofing materials》Made a breakthrough contribution to the industry development。

1995Years saite Zheng Yuan founder developed new Mr Li“Bentonite rubber expansion of water stop under the influence of water”,Establish the gap in the field of industry status;The company also from single product to product diversification;From within the structure outside the structure waterproof,From the traditional materials sales service to engineering systems,By the industry“The best crack waterproof manufacture enterprise”。

Saite has advanced production equipment,Raw material was produced by domestic and world famous brand, Waterproofing capacity can reach now8000Square meters or more,Gap materials800Thousands of meters or more;All front-line workers have received professional training,The company produces series of products,With high quality performance,The operation of the stable quality and perfect、Timely after-sales service by many large enterprises and professional design institute as the designated product,Operates in26Provinces and cities,Are welcomed by the masses of users and trust。

Deadline2018Years,Saite waterproof involved in chengdu、Shenzhen, China28A city subway rail transit project waterproof system design and material supply,In our country has opened to traffic proportion is as high as the rail traffic project85%。In the development of the future,Saite will continue to track traffic、The committee、A house、Tunnel waterproof engineering construction, etc,“The dam quality、Experts do before paving material”Is set targets for the development of the company、Motivation and the direction of the unremitting。

Saite transformed,Persistent pursuit,In order to“System services”As the value orientation,Adhering to the“Committed to the development of waterproof career in China”As the mission;“Create superior value for our customers”For the vision;In order to“Original mind、The ascendant、Action、Stick to it”As the core values,Will be a full range of waterproof system solutions to every customer。Saite waterproof full build our brand,Cooperate with the customers,Create brilliant!

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The factory address:Sichuan province·Pengzhou a standard north road industrial development zone189Number
Headquarters office address:Sichuan province·Chengdu thesis gold house international2Building
The national service special line:400-6666-820
Fax from headquarters:028-81430702
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