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Where there is sunshine there is sun rise,

There is the place of the sun rises,The sky more blue,More green,The sunlight is more brilliant.

  • Cleaning services
  • Network technology
  • Advertising company
  • Social work services
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental engineering
  • Property management
  • Landscaping

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  • Sunbird

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  • City clean

    This study to support Yang litres of municipal project of green environmental protection、Scientific development and promote China's municipal cleaning technology and management as the goal of ascension。

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  • Building clean research

    Around the building safety management、High efficiency and other technical and management issues,Vigorously promote the building、Housing、The research of the project such as subway、Lead to the development of the industry。

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  • Study of social work services

    Support“Based on the society、Help others help themselves、Advocating harmony、Professional development”The idea of,From the practice and theory,To promote the specialization of social work in China、As a professional fairly。

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  • Environmental engineering research

    Uphold the vision“There is sun rise more blue day、Water is more green、The sunlight is more brilliant”,Dedicated to the environmental technology and environmental engineering research,To carry out the design of environmental protection equipment、The development and the introduction。

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  • Decorative advertising project

    Yang litres of shenzhen decoration advertising engineering co., LTD. Is engaged in the advertising industry for nearly 20 years of the company,Set decoration advertising design、Production and installation of an integrated,Diversified large-scale decorative advertising enterprises。

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