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Love doodle amusement brand was founded2014Years,Is located in the Chinese characteristic socialism advance demonstration area——Shenzhen, Is a collection of design research and development、Production and manufacturing、Sales and service into an integrated whole adventure playground facilities and outdoor professional custom non-standard equipment production company,Is China recreational association and China toy association member units。The company always adhere to the market-oriented,As to meet specific customer requirements。Gradually formed to outdoor children's theme park equipment,Children's outdoor equipment,Net twine to explore playground equipment,The combination of the slide,Stainless steel slide,Wooden modelling amusement equipment,Fitness equipment,Park theme park equipment、Outdoor fitness equipment、Water park amusement equipment、Outdoor recreational chair、The bin、Safely mat product system。To learn more

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Love doodle amusement brand was founded2014Years,Hold the pulse of The Times,To keep pace,With rigorous innovation,Be the industry leader!To learn more

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First-class management,The first-class products,The first-class service,Doodle love hand in hand,Win-win better tomorrow!To learn more

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Grasping the dynamic,Introduce the concept of world advanced amusement equipment,Promote industry development。To learn more


Unpowered amusement equipment has become more and more popular,Outdoor unpowered adventure playground how to attract children become repeat customers


In recent years,In our country tour industry promote rapid development in the background,Unpowered amusement facilities of its own characteristics in the theme park、The scenic area、Business、Property of form a complete set of fields gradually increase the role of influence。In this…


Why do children like to slide,Stainless steel slide what's good?


Children's amusement park has been a popular children's favorite,All kinds of amusement programs, more and more multifunctional。The slide is indispensable to the fair a facility,Slide to the child's childhood add a lot of fun,Play with the slide…


Recruitment | More than jobs,We sincerely invite you to join shenzhen dudu love children play!


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