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  Anyang city wantong machinery co., LTD“The contract、Keep good faith”Enterprise。All kinds of road surface cleaning machine models、Pipe cleaning machine、Dredging machine, etc,For nearly 20 years of production history。Through constant innovation,The quality of the products、Improved step by step and improve the appearance and practicability。Best-selling domestic more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions,Over the years has been welcomed by users and favor。The company equipment is advanced、Strong technical force,With staff training center and other facilities and high quality technical management personnel。Successively introduced technology and production process,To improve product technology content,Especially in recent years,Make more than ten series of products constantly upgrading the quality of the。Perfect enterprise management system,And passedISO9001International quality system certification。

  Hope customers is our pursuit of direction,Wholeheartedly for the customer service is our wish,The company has perfect after-sales service、Sincere love、Dedication to new and old customers,Welcome to han,Business negotiations。


Wantong Machinery Co., Ltd. Anyang municipal "heavy contract, keep promise" enterprise. The company's leading product "forever" brand models of various specifications road sweeping machines, pipe cleaning machine, dredging machines, nearly two decades of production history. Through constant innovation and transformation, product quality, appearance and usefulness of progressively improved and increased. Selling more than 20 domestic provinces and autonomous regions, over the years has been well received by customers welcome and favor. The company's advanced equipment, strong technical force, with staff training center and other facilities and high quality technical management personnel. Has the introduction of international and domestic advanced technology and production processes,Improving product technology content, especially in recent years, so that more than 10 constantly upgrading the quality of products. Improve the enterprise management system, and passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.
The hope is that we pursue customer orientation and dedication to customer service is our wish, the companies are known to perfect after-sales service, honesty to the love and dedication to new and old customers are welcome to come to Han, in business negotiations.

  First of all, I'd like to welcome and thank you for visit our website and pay attention to our products。
  The sea memory know already,Tianya zorpia。Here you are,On behalf of anyang city wantong machinery co., LTD. To have been concerned about the staff、Support me express my heartfelt thanks to all friends for the development of the company。
  In my company1998Years since its founding,All staff unite as one,The chi shing shing,In the enterprising、The spirit of innovation、Pragmatic style of work,Reload,Fighting hard,The company has expanded quickly,Influence is growing。Company always insist on“Cast quality brand,Integrity weaving the future”For the purpose,To meet the needs of the customers for the idea,We always believe∶Your support is our source of growth,Your recognition is our growth soil。Adhere to in order to achieve“Win-win cooperation”For the purpose,Make profit to customers,Create conditions for employees,Strong quality,The tree image。Adhere to the people-oriented,Strive to build the learning organization and to develop excellent management team,For every good employees to provide good development platform。
  Future express leopard slightly,Elan courageously the hawk's flight on the。There is no royal road to development,There is no limit to innovation。Past,We work together、Spend the difficulties,Won the preliminary victory。It is today,We again stand a new starting point,Enterprises to develop new horn have sounded。I am sure:Use our wisdom of the mind,Hard efforts,The restless creative passion,Unity、Go all out,To start a anyang wantong career to new heights,Write a new chapter. Anyang vantone historica,Anyang wantong development new leap!
  The source of a hold hands,Are friends for life,We sincerely look forward to friendly cooperation with colleagues from all walks of life,In the economic development and prosperity of the communist party of China to win。

Our company have always regarded quality as the life of their own,The good faith is the soul of enterprise。
In line with"There is no quality,How to survive"For the purpose
In order to timely handle user reflect the quality problem,Strengthen product quality after-sales service,Fully embody our company“Scientific management、Careful operation、Continuous improvement、Development and innovation”The quality policy。
Quality objectives:
    1、A qualified rate100%,The qualification rate of the factory100%,The rate of grade a95%。
Service program:
    1、General quality problems(Means within the scope of the warranty)Shall be the responsibility of the sales department or to the nearest service outlets to solve as soon as possible,Such as network can't solve immediately sent someone to assist site personnel to solve by the company,And in a short period of time to the customers with satisfactory answer。
    2、The major quality problems,Need to report to general manager,By the quality inspection department、Sales department related personnel to the scene processing solution。After the event handled by the quality department to write report,Report to the company office for record。
    3、We have sent personnel must respect the customer,Treat people with courtesy,Respect for the facts,Fact-finding mission,Work hard to make users happy。
The warranty period:
    Warranty period is to point to in accord with the company《Product specification》Under the condition of use requirement,Ensure the normal service life。
    a)Time limit for the machine1Years,Will be subject to the date of make out an invoice;
    b)Time limit for the parts6Months,Will be subject to the company as of the date of sale;
    2、Road sweeper
    a)The whole machine for half a year,Will be subject to the date of make out an invoice;
    b)Spare parts for three months,Will be subject to the company as of the date of sale;

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Our company have always regarded quality as the life of their own,The good faith is the soul of enterprise。In line with"There is no quality,How to survive"For the purpose...
After-sales service:A、All products from the company production and sales of various quality problems,Our company are in accordance with the provisions....
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After-sales service

  A、All products from the company production and sales of various quality problems,Are in accordance with the provisions of our company practice“Three guarantees”Service,And the service after-sales team to undertake the job。
   2、Principle is the product after-sales service:“To solve the problem first、User satisfaction、The enterprise image”。Such as product quality problems,After received the user information,48Hours to the scene,Ensure timely to repair。According to user requirements to carry out pre-sale service、The installation、Maintenance and repair、Technical consulting and other services。Set up a holiday system on duty,Ensure that every day someone on duty reception,At the same time set up a special phone AD users,Do it quickly,Rapid processing,Users reflect the quality of the solution。After-sales service personnel should seriously、Considerate、Handle relevant quality problem thoroughly,Ensure that the user use in time,No worries。
  3、Company user visits on a regular basis,Establish maintenance records for the user,For each contact、Service、Visit and quality feedback information on record,And quality analysis。
  Four、In a timely solution to the problem of good the quality of products sold at the same time,After-sales service personnel have an obligation to provide customers with technical advice freely、Technical training and other products associated problems。
  Five、That is indeed the company product quality problems of products,All expenses shall be borne by the company。For product quality problems caused by the user side(Product quality problems or beyond the warranty period)There's a charge for the company,But is not higher than the cost of the total(Or cost)。
  Six、Firmly establish a user is god,All for the sake of the user of the thought,In a timely manner、Seriously、Ends well handle the quality issue,Pay attention to credibility,All maintenance wantong product image,Do the company rest assured,User satisfaction。

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